What kind of quality can I expect?

car on rack, auto repair, covina, glendoraAuto Repair Quality Standards at Bender’s Auto Care

Auto repair and maintenance is our passion, quality is our creed.  There are many levels of quality today in auto repair and maintenance.  On one end of the spectrum is the shop that cuts as many corners as possible just to compete as the cheapest.  They hire employees with low skill levels that just replace parts until the problem is fixed and don’t have the experience to properly repair your vehicle for maximum dependability and safety.  They outsource many services because they can’t do it in-house.  They use the cheapest parts and fluids for your car.  This type of shop appears to be a lower price, but in the end, they are short-changing their customers.  This is because of increased safety and dependability issues.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have our shop — we DON’T cut corners, and we’re not the most expensive.

  • We use the best quality parts and fluids for your car.  We are very choosey about the parts that go into your car.  We want them to be as dependable and safe as possible.  The oil filters we choose catch up to 45% more dirt than others.  Our brake components help your car stop up to 20 feet shorter than other brands.  We don’t cut corners because it doesn’t help your car’s safety and dependability.
  • We hire the best technicians.  You can be sure that a highly expert technician is servicing and looking over your car at Bender’s.  Our technical staff includes ASE Certified and Master Technician that has the experience to do the job right the first time — expertly.
  • We use the right equipment.  We make sure our technical staff has all the right tools and equipment to get the job done right and as fast as possible.  Our equipment allows us to diagnose your car’s difficulties correctly and quickly.
  • We perform your services in-house.  We have been building our company for 35 years and have accumulated all the right equipment and resources that allow us to do the work here.  This ensures that our quality standards are the quality standards you get.  We even have our own machine shop in-house — very rare.
  • 2yr warranty on auto repairs, west covina, covina, glendoraWe hire expert service advisors.  Tom and Mike are both experts in auto repair.  They understand what you need and what your car needs.  This is the starting point for your car’s experience at our shop.  We start it right so it gets done right.
  • We stand behind our quality with a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty.  This says it all.  This means we are so confident in our work that we can easily provide this long of a warranty.  Most shops only warranty their work for a few months.  We know our work is done right and this is how we say it.