What Are Some Easy Ways To Ensure My Car Runs Longer?

What Are Some Easy Ways To Ensure My Car Runs Longer

You already know about the importance of changing your oil and rotating your tires regularly. By bringing your car to us, we can watch over air filters, brakes, belts, and other parts that wear out and need replacing. Customers often ask us: what are some easy ways to ensure my car runs longer and better?

We appreciate that you want to keep your car for as long as possible. And because we are committed to making that happen for you, we have four ways you can give your car more life.

Neatness Counts

Washing your car does more than make it look nice. It cleans away contaminants that eat away at body panels. You can improve longevity by giving it a good wash, and clearing away dirt and grime that can break down paint and expose the metal to corrosion.

Drop Some LBs

Your car works hard for you. It takes you where you need to go, hauls your groceries home, and camping gear out into the wilderness. For folks who use their car for work, it gets you to meetings or carries materials to the job site.

All that hauling takes its toll. Moving around with more weight than is necessary is hard on the engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension system. You already make your car work hard enough. Give it a break by removing excess stuff you don’t need. Check the trunk. Do you need the golf clubs, beach chairs, snow chains, and other junk you haven’t used in years? By lightening your load, you get better gas mileage and take some pressure off those hard-working systems.

Easy Does It

Weekdays can be busy. School, work, errands. From that first sip of coffee, you might feel like you might have to push the pedal to the metal.

Your car, though, needs to warm up first. After sitting around all night, motor oil sinks to the bottom. To properly lubricate your engine, it needs to be evenly distributed throughout. This takes time.

Let your vehicle idle for 30-60 seconds before putting it in drive and roaring away. Those tightly packed engine components need heat and lubrication. If you literally can’t wait, drive it gently for the first mile or two, at the very least.

Less Carbs, Happier Engine   

Carbon deposits can build up in your engine and foul key components. Every few hundred miles, after the engine is warmed up, you need to push the engine to the redline on your tachometer. That is usually around 6,000 RPMs. Though doing this too often can put a strain on components, occasional redlining cleans out carbon buildup.Of course, partnering with a trusted automotive shop is your best bet for extending engine life. Our team is staffed with skilled customer service professionals and highly trained mechanics dedicated to making sure your vehicle gets you safely down the road. We perform nearly every service, including AC repairradiator repair, and transmission service on most makes and models. Call Bender’s Auto Care at 626-332-3022 or request an appointment online today!