Tom’s Big Service Special only $69.99

Auto Repair and Maintenance in Covina CAGet caught up with many routine services with this great special – AND get a thorough inspection to make sure your car is as dependable as possible.  Normal price for all of these services is more than $110!

Includes ALL of these services…

  • COMPLETE DEPENDABILITY INSPECTION: We’ll go through each of your car’s systems to make sure your car is as reliable as possible to give you the greatest peace of mind.  If there’s something wrong, we’ll let you know what’s going on.  We’ll also check all the routine safety items such as lights, horn, etc.
  • DELUXE OIL CHANGE SERVICE with up to 5 quarts of 5W30 motor oil, quality oil filter and chassis lube if needed.
  • TIRE ROTATION AND INSPECTION: We’ll rotate all your tires and give them a good visual inspection on all of them including your spare.
  • BRAKE AND SUSPENSION INSPECTION: Our mechanic will also give the eagle eye inspection to your brakes and suspension.  We’ll tell you how much life each of your brake pads or shoes have left too.
  • COOLING SYSTEM INSPECTION: Our techs will examine your cooling and radiator system to ensure proper function and dependability.
  • NEW WIPER BLADES:  We’ll replace your front wiper blades too (most cars, some vehicles’ wipers are extra).
  • FLUID TOP OFF:  Our techs will also top off all the normal fluids in the vehicle from the washer fluid, to brake fluids, power steering fluid, cooling system fluid, transmission and more.
  • BATTERY LIFE TEST:  We’ll connect our battery testing system to your battery to determine the condition of your battery and the estimated life remaining before you need a new one.

Coupon expires March 31, 2016.  Most cars, SUVs, Light Trucks, Minivans.  Some rare or exotic wiper blades are extra, Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.  Some European and Diesel vehicles are extra.