How Do You Keep Your AC System Running Right?

We don’t need to tell you that it’s heating up out there. But we may need to give you some tips on making sure your car’s air conditioner keeps everyone inside the cabin safe and comfortable. 

How Do You Keep Your AC System Running Right

Your AC system doesn’t just blow cold air into your car. It is designed to remove hot air from within your car and move it outside. This requires the proper functioning of many components, such as the evaporator, condenser, and compressor.

The system works hard to keep you cool and healthy. It is prone to wear-and-tear and requires regular attention and maintenance. Here are some tips to ensure long life and maximum performance:

1. Run the AC once each week.  

To keep the system working right, it pays to run the air conditioner for about 10 minutes at least once each week, even in winter. Run it at the highest fan speed and coolest setting. This will keep the hoses, valves, and pumps lubricated. It also maintains gas pressure to keep the compressor working properly.

2. Run the defroster weekly.

You can prevent mildew and clean out excessive moisture which can lead to odors by regularly running the defroster. FYI: Did you know that your AC system can help you defog your windshield? It’s counter-intuitive but true. Turn on the AC in defroster mode and watch the fog roll away.

3. Recharge your air conditioning system. 

Your AC system is a closed system and doesn’t require topping off as with other fluids like your motor oil. But, every two years we suggest you recharge the cooling system with refrigerant and lubricant. This will keep the system optimized and even help you defrost during winter (see above)!

4. Scheduled air conditioning service. 

Early detection of leaks or damage to your AC system can save you time and money and keep everyone in your vehicle cool and healthy. We can get you on a regularly scheduled maintenance program for all of the components in your car. Our ASE-certified advisors and techs have the experience to help you optimize your dollars. We want you to feel confident you are getting the most bang, or in this case, cold air, for your buck!

Having your car or truck in the shop is inconvenient. That’s why we make sure maintenance and repairs are hassle-free. We never compromise quality and we always do everything possible to get your car back to you on the same day. We’ll also clearly explain your options in understandable language and never confuse you with jargon. For personable, guaranteed automotive service call Bender’s Auto Care at 626-332-3022 or request an appointment online today!