Auto Repair Covina

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? Dentists encourage patients to visit every six months for a teeth cleaning and routine checkup. This preventative health can save your teeth from bigger issues – like cavities, abscessed teeth, and root canals down the line. The same is true for your car! Just like […]

Answers to the Most Asked Questions about Oil Changes

Oil changes can be confusing, and we get a lot of questions. Some of the most asked questions are answered below, but we can’t possibly cover everything. If you want to know more about oil changes or want to talk about something that is going on with your car, give us a call at 626-332-3022. […]

Winter Is Coming—Is Your Car Ready?

Wait a minute. You live in Southern California where winter is hardly a thing. Do you really need to winterize? Getting your car ready for winter in frozen climates is more intensive, but a wetter, colder SoCal winter puts different demands on your vehicle than the dry heat of summer. You can check many of […]

Why Change Your Cabin Air Filter?

You can hang a pine-scented car deodorizer from your rearview mirror, but it won’t do much more than spew out some chemist’s idea of what a forest smells like. To really freshen the air inside a vehicle, you need a clean cabin air filter. It stops contaminants, such as dirt, dust, smoke, smog, pollen, mold […]

What’s Harder on a Car? City or Highway Miles?

When you’re looking for a used car, you want to choose something reliable that won’t cost you a lot of extra money in maintenance and repair. But how do you know? Of course, you can go by manufacturers—some cars have much better records of longevity and reliability. But after that? One of them is maintenance […]

What Are Some Easy Ways To Ensure My Car Runs Longer?

You already know about the importance of changing your oil and rotating your tires regularly. By bringing your car to us, we can watch over air filters, brakes, belts, and other parts that wear out and need replacing. Customers often ask us: what are some easy ways to ensure my car runs longer and better? […]

Road Trip!

What a long, strange spring it’s been. You’ve had enough exposure to droning work presentations on Zoom and how much your roommate wriggles their toes when they are nervous, which is apparently all the time. Stuck at home with open roads beckoning from just outside your door, it is now the time to make a […]

When Do I Need New Brakes?

When you hit the brakes, do you hear squeaking? Squealing? Ominous grinding noises? Does the pedal require extra pressure to engage the brakes? Listening to and feeling brake performance tells you a lot about the condition of your braking system. Still, a trusted repair shop can tell you more about what’s wrong and what needs […]

Are You Keeping Up with Basic Car Maintenance?

Not so long ago, it was not very likely you would get 200,000 miles out of your vehicle. But today’s cars have improved powertrains, rust prevention, lubricants, and other advanced technology that increases reliability and durability. With proper care, many newer cars can easily spin the odometer well beyond 200K. It would be nice if […]

When Should You Change Your Motor Oil?

Estimates for oil changes used to be simple. Most “experts” pegged the interval at every 3000 miles. But there have been improvements in fuel-delivery systems, engine materials, manufacturing methods, and oil technology. The latest models don’t need an oil change for 7,500 or sometimes even 10,000 miles. This makes things more complicated. How do you […]