Maximize your fuel economy

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Use quality brand fuel and the proper octane for your vehicle. Using a lower grade octane in your car to save money could cause you to get less miles per gallon. Come into Bender’s Automotive in Covina today so we can make sure your engine is running at its peak.. [schema type=”person” name=”Tom Bender” orgname=”Bender’s […]

February Newsletter

February, 2010 This month I wanted to discuss Factory recalls. Those of you who have newer cars, or are still subject to factory recalls, need to be aware of information that your dealership may not want you to know. All of us are aware of the massive recall that Toyota is in the middle of […]

July Newsletter

Engine over heating, cooling system service

What is it going to cost to repair my car? That has always been the million dollar question. But it is not as easily explained as one might think. Some consumers are just concerned about price and not service and quality. I do understand, after all I am a consumer myself and am always concerned […]

Same Day service for most repairs and maintenance

We realize the importance of having transportation.  So, we make every effort to get your car back to you as soon as possible.  Our goal is always to get it back to you the same day.  Obviously, there are some situations and repairs that require more than one day.  In those cases, we help arrange […]